A Simpler Approach To Independence

Are you a financial advisor interested in independence, but are concerned about the complexity of a transition? At WealthSource Partners our goal is to serve advisors like you in simplifying your transition and independent experience. We believe independence is the ability to own your book of business while focusing on the advisor/client relationship. The industry has created a complicated mess of regulatory requirements, technology providers, custodians, and other service providers that distract you from focusing on your clients and prospects. We’ve simplified what it means to be independent by taking on industry norms to uncomplicate your independent experience. If you are an advisor looking at independence or if you are already an independent advisor looking for a simpler way to grow, WealthSource Partners is your solution.

Why WealthSource Partners?


What makes us different from other wealth management firms starts with the relationship we have with our advisors. At most firms the advisor is locked up with complicated legal language, non-competes or non-solicits, essentially saying that the clients belong to the firm. At WealthSource Partners we understand the value of the advisor/client relationship and simplified our agreements to give full ownership of your clients to you, the advisor. This ownership of the client relationships provides the advisor with the enterprise value of an independent firm without the complications of running one. Advisors that are with WealthSource are here because they want to be, not because of a contract. By simplifying our relationship, we strengthen it.

We are also different from other advisory firms due to our simplistic technology platform. Many firms brag about how big and cutting-edge their technology platform is, but most of the time that simply means it’s complicated and cumbersome to use. Our technology platform is designed to simplify the advisor/client experience by putting the tools you need into as few systems as possible, that integrate seamlessly. Our browser based platform is designed for easy access anywhere in the world, while also providing the security to protect sensitive data. The offerings to advisors are ever changing, with new and exciting technology constantly being developed, but that can be a distraction for most advisors. Focusing on accessibility, integration, security and user experience allows WealthSource to take on the burden of vetting new technology, allowing advisors to focus on their clients.

What WealthSource Can Do For You:

Advisor Transition

  • Customize a step-by-step advisor and client transition plan
  • Assist in completing all relevant client paperwork related to the transition
  • E-Signature capable
  • Experience with transitions from various institutions
  • Conduct asset review and approval
  • Favorable negotiated pricing with custodians
  • Perform IAR registration and licensing
  • Set up new accounts
  • Oversee and coordinate the transfer of assets
  • Training on new systems
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Simplify Operations

  • Ensure new paperwork is properly executed
  • Setup and maintain distributions
  • Creation and maintenance of electronic document storage folder system
  • Manage account transfers and distributions
  • Oversee daily uploads, downloads, reconciliations, price updates
  • Communicate requests such as transfers and restriction notices
  • Cashiering processes and procedures oversight
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Simplify Technology

  • State of the art browser based cloud technologies
  • Service request processing system
  • Outlook Integrated Client CRM
  • Advanced reporting system with fully customizable and automated reporting
  • Simplistic planning and proposal software
  • Advanced security and protective systems
  • Electronic document storage and retention
  • Firm-wide collaborative technology for information sharing
  • Online and web-based trainings
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Simplify Reporting And Billing

  • Automated performance reporting
  • Completely customized report builder
  • Calculation and deduction of client fees
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Simplify Compliance

    • Complete In-House Turnkey Compliance Solution
    • All compliance tasks centrally managed
      • ADV Part 2B Creation and Management
      • Manage all audit-related activities and documentation

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Simplify Investment Management

    • Turnkey strategic, quantitative and fundamental strategies available
    • Provide recommendations for special asset strategies as needed
    • Generate client-ready, quarterly advisor communications
    • Create and communicate weekly market information via email
    • Automated Rebalancing
    • Turnkey ad hoc trading support, cash raises and cash infusions
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Become A WealthSource Partner

If you are an advisor looking to simplify your transition, technology, operations or your entire approach to wealth management, you should consider back office services from WealthSource Partners. At WealthSource we look for individuals not afraid to admit they can’t do it all and do it well. We believe in partnership we can help you simplify your life and in doing so increase the value of your business, both monetarily and in lifestyle points.