Formerly a professional in the technology arena, Alan worked for companies such as IBM, Cisco and NetApp as well as various start-ups over a 20+ year career.  A student of the financial markets for over 25 years, Alan followed his passion and became a financial advisor in 2013, and he now works with individuals and families to provide investment and retirement advice.  Many of his clients are executives in the technology space.

Alan approaches investment and wealth management with the golden rule in mind: treat others as he would like to be treated.  To that end, Alan seeks out suitable, low-cost investment solutions for his clients and strives to serve with the highest degree of integrity and responsiveness.  Tax-efficient strategies are also top of mind, and he seeks to educate his clients on the investment process and the markets so that they can be partners in their own success.  Alan believes that he can never do too much research, and always seeks to find the most appropriate investments for his clients as the markets change.  Alan is joining WealthSource® to gain access to better tools and back office support for his clients.

Originally from the New York area, Alan moved to Colorado in 1993 after two amazing trips to Steamboat Springs.  He still enjoys skiing occasionally, as well as hiking, cycling and his latest pursuit – Muay Thai kickboxing. (He is hoping not to get hit too hard.)  Alan lives in Boulder, CO with his daughter, who is in her sophomore year of high school.  He services clients across the Front Range of Colorado and on the east coast.