Bryan graduated from Oregon State University in 1991 and spent 17 years working at a number of large Wall Street firms such as UBS, Merrill Lynch, and Edward Jones learning industry best practices.  After the 2008 market collapse, Bryan wanted to build something different from the complexity and opacity of these traditional firms.

In 2009, he founded Vellum Financial as a firm with the simplicity and transparency to be truly client-centric.  Vellum served the greater Central California area, offering clients retirement-focused advice.  In January of 2016, Bryan co-orchestrated a merger with Colorado-based Avant-Garde Advisors.  The two firms announced a new unified brand and united both companies’ employees and clients under one common vision and direction, WealthSource Partners, where Bryan now serves as the firm’s Chief Executive Officer.

Bryan is the author of the book, “Protecting Your Money From Yourself: A Retiree’s Guide to Insuring You Have Enough Money to Enjoy Your Retirement.”  He has also been featured in multiple media outlets, including USA Today, CNBC, The Boston Globe, The Miami Herald, Yahoo Finance, and The Wall Street Journal Online.

Bryan is married and has four children.  He is a former president of the Morro Bay Lions Club and remains active as a member.  In his free time, he enjoys camping and skiing.